I've been trained by Mike at Your Training Zone for a few years now.  He was able to train me in a such a way that I was able to overcome my limiters.  Nearly every race I've entered while being coached by him has resulted in a PR, including qualifying for the Ironman World Championships!  He's not a "cookie-cutter" coach and knows how to train me specifically to bring me to my full potential.  I can't say enough good things about him and the other coaches at Your Training Zone. Rob Yamry


I am now a believer.  For me, Coach Mike has the right approach. I have no regrets about the investment in time and money." Monty Montgomery.

"After completing my first IM in 2006 I approached Mike and began getting tested in October of 2006. Throughout the last year Mike's input into my training and development has been invaluable. His knowledge, patience and enthusiasm for my success was a great motivator. I raced twice in 2007 and achieved significant PR's at both events taking akmost an hour off my IM time. I have signed up for IM WI 2008 and with Mike as my coach I am looking forward to an even bigger time reduction next year. Thanks Mike!" Jeff May

Your Training Zone"After 2 years of a performance plateau, I began working with Mike and PR'd the 1/2 IM distance by 45 minutes! Mike educates, tests,  and trains you based on the physiology of "your" body. You'll see improvements not only in your performance times, but also in terms of the progress your body makes at the cellular level", Sam Sigler

"Your training zone is not only for the experienced triathlete or potential long course triathlete. I started training with Mike in February 2007 out of shape and unable to run a 5K, swim more than 100 meters, or bike competitively. Within months I was able to finish my first 10K race and first triathlon in respectable times. By the end of the summer I was getting more competitive and confident with each race. With my rookie season over and a solid base to work from, I am looking forward to further improvement next year. Thanks Mike for all your help." Dave Risgaard

"With Mike's help, coaching and motivation, I was able to significantly improve my race times, setting a PR at the 1/2 marathon by 8 min, running a 1:26. The schedule was challenging but very doable and tailored to my schedule. Training in my correct HR zones based on lactate step testing, improved my performances dramatically." Bill Dollevoet

"I started training with Mike Pierson about 5 months before the WI Ironman. We started out with determining my training zones, from there we put together a custom training plan to achieve my goal to achieve my potential at my first Ironman race. Mike coached me through more than training, including hydration, nutrition and rest in the program. The time and money I spent on Your Training Zone was the best money I spent for personal fitness. Thanks for the personal care and the program to help me become a better athlete." Mike Dietz

"Before I started training with Your Training Zone, I trained with HR zones and by using generic training plans from magazines. Although I spent alot of time working out, I saw little improvement in my performance or endurance. Frustrated by my lack of results I approached Mike to see if he would coach me. Since that time I have PR'd at every distance I have raced at, including a 17 min PR in the 1/2 marathon (1:36) and an incredible 2 hour PR at IM WI '07. Beyond the gains in performance, Mike has helped me gain confidence, patience and mental toughness. I believe in his system and highly recommend him to anyone looking for performance improvement." Thomas Peterson

"Before I started working with Mike I had no direction in my training.I tried to follow plans I found on-line but really saw no real improvement in my performances. I started working with Mike in Feb. '07. Since that time I have  seen significant improvements with each and every race I have done, culminating in my second place female overall finish at the Oshkosh sprint triathlon. Mike has truly given me a more focused and structured approach to my training and has helped me realize what it takes to accomplish my goals. I would highly recommend Your Training Zone to anyone looking to improve their performances." Renee' Rentmeester

"I signed up for IM WI in Sept '06, I then went to the National Halfmax Championships and had not so great of a race. I realized if I was going to do well in a full IM I should change my training routine. Mike then gave a talk to the Fox Cities TRI Club on lactic threshold training. I realized from there I was not  training in my correct zones or peaking for any race correctly.I contacted Mike and we setup my correct and individualized training zones and training plan. Initially it was alot easier than what I was used too. Mike reassured me that things would become alot more challenging and I would improve. I followed his plan religiously. I then did a series of buildup races and set PR's in a 1/2 marathon in Green Bay in May and a 1/2 IM in Racine in July. Smashing my 1/2 IM PR by 14 minutes, while still focusing on training for the IM. Finally IM WI '07, I finished in 11hrs and 25 min! Thanks to Mike this was a piece of cake.I have had a very enjoyable and successful race season and owe much of this to Mike" Rich Szymanski.

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