What is a lactate step test?
A lactate step test involves an athlete exercising in an incremental fashion while a small pinprick of blood is drawn and measured for lactate content. This is done on a treadmill or computrainer.

Why is a lactate step test important?
From the information gathered your own individual and unique training zones are given. Your training zones are then used to develop your training plan to reach your peak performance, follow the plan developed for you and we guarantee you will improve.

When and how often should I be tested?
Most athletes benefit from testing three to four times per year so that the effects of your training plan can be monitored. Athletes also benefit from testing when they reach a plateau in training or after a lay off from training. Train in the right zones and you will improve, train inappropriately and you stagnate and regress or worse become injured.

Can I just be tested and not "coached"?
Yes, some athletes prefer to develop their own plans or use their current coaching relationship. Regular performance testing will help insure you are training in the correct zones. We are always available for consultation.

How will my training zones be given?
Your individual and unique training zones will be given by HR and pace per mile for running, HR and watts for cycling.


Example of Expected Improvement over 2 years time:


As you look at the improvement, this athlete has achieved 30 watts at anaerobic threshold and is now a national level caliber cyclist, all with training and knowing the correct training zones!

What do My Zones Mean?

Zone 1 Aerobic Zone or Base. This is where your muscles are utilizing fat as a primary source of fuel. Specific adaptation occur by increasing capillary density, aerobic enzymes and muscle development. The bigger your base or foundation the faster you can go. You will race an ultra-distance event such as an IM in this zone. Mid-Upper zone 1 is a major focus of LSD training.

Zone 2 Transition Zone or Dead Zone. This zone is usually where the majority of everyday athletes train and race. Their zone 2's are very large and this limits their overall speed and athletic development. Most have little or no base development. In a well conditioned endurance athlete zone 2 becomes very small and specific race training sessions can be done here. Athletes race marathons and 1/2 IM in this zone.

Zone 3 Anaerobic Threshold Zone. This is where your body transitions to complete utilization of glycogen and its by products as fuel for exercise. A well conditioned and trained athlete would race an Olympic distance bike leg here or a 1/2 marathon.

Zone 4 Clearance of Lactate for a Fuel. This zone helps the athlete improve his ability to use lactate efficiency and clear it from the body. Repitition training occurrs here and race pace training for middle to long distance events from 5-120 minutes.

Zone 5 Vo2 Max Zone. This zone gears you up to tolerate high levels of lactate and is a form of speed training. Only for very advanced athletes.

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